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Duilio Cambellotti
The soldiers or heroic vision
Cartoon for the stained-glass

This cartoon of for the great work of stained-glass displayed in Rome in 1912 at the First Exhibition of Stained-glass is also known as Herois Vision. It shows, within a lancet, a group of soldiers carrying lances and shields and wearing heavy armour, which contrasts with the naked body of a sleeping child, in the arms of the warrior in the centre of the composition. In the lunette, between the dense shafts of the lances, the gloomy blue of the sky shows through; leaves fall from it, and also lie on the ground. Among the many possbile iconographic references recovered rom the histories and legends of the medieval world, it has particular resonances the epic tales of Northern Europe, in particular those of the myth of the Nieblungenleid, filtered through the Wagnerian version of the myth, which Cambellotti knew well.

Provenance: Collezione Cambellotti, Roma
Inventory: M CC 1

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