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Duilio Cambellotti
Grapes and Ivy
Preparatory cartoon

This cartoon relates to the right part of Cambellotti’s stained glass, made for Prince Torlonia’s studio.
A sketch is displayed in the same room, which shows two variants: one with vine-trains, realistically rendered, and the other with ivy trains.
The combination of the sketch, the cartoon and the glass in the same place, allows the evolution of the artist’s creation to be traced from the first projected idea to the end result.
The motif of the vine-train was used many times in the decoration of the house to create a coherent continuity in its atmosphere.
It is also seen in the elegant white stucco of roses on the ceiling, in the frames around the room’s shutters and fabric wall-coverings.

Provenance: Collezione Vetrate d’Arte Giuliani, Roma
Inventory: M CC 34

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