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Duilio Cambellotti
Dawn, day and night

The sketches relate to the three works of stained glass in the cycle Dawn, Day, Night, now lost, which were intended for the central body of the House of the Owls. In this case also, the artist used the theme of birds in flight which allowed him, through by varying the species depicted, to represent symbolically the changing aspect of day and its development into night. The idea of the transition of light to darkness is extremely poignant, and here rendered realistically through the different colours of the birds’ plummage: from the white doves, on and almost equally transparent background, to the intense light of full day, against which the dynamic flight of the falcon is defined, and finally the darkening sky, broken by the whirling passage of noctural predators

Provenance: Collezione Cambellotti, Roma
Inventory: M CC 36

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