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Duilio Cambellotti
Nail with vines and grapes

This piece of stained-glass, made up of 120 panes, takes its name from the unusual design of the huge round window, in which vine-leaves and bunches of grapes are shown in opalescent glass.
The naturalistic elements are rendered effectively through a synthetic design and vivid contrasts of colour, created through retouching with flame.
The glass was made for the House of the Owls in 1915 by Picchio, as is known from the Picchiarini accounts, in which it is listed as “Large window with a subject (of grapes)”
La vetrata venne realizzata per la Casina delle Civette, da Mastro Picchio nel 1915, come risulta nell’elenco Picchiarini, dove viene citata come “Vetratone a soggetto (d’uva)”.

Provenance: Casina delle Civette
Inventory: M CC 141 a b

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