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Monochrome frieze

The band between the main floor and the second floor is decorated with paintings by Giovan Battista Caretti, which can be traced back to the tradition of Roman facades painted in chiaroscuro by Polidoro of Caravaggio at the beginning of the sixteenth century.
The decorations done in “buon fresco” consist of false niches with statues painted into them on the short sides of the House, and scenes inspired by the famous bas-reliefs of Bertel Thorvalsen, showing the “Triumph of Alexander”, along the sides of the building.
Also along the main sides, between the windows of the first floor, paintings of the Victories were painted, while ancient trophies appear between the windows of the top floor.
The recent restoration was only able to save some of the scenes of the Triumph of Alexander, showing Assyrian priests and women carrying garlands of flowers.
The decoration of the back of the House has been totally lost.

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