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Acces in Villa Torlonia to people with  disabilities

The access in Villa Torlonia is allowed to all cars showing a disabled person’s Parking Card.
The accompaniment to reach the museums  (Casino Nobile, Casino dei Principi, Casina delle Civette e Teatro) is allowed.
It is not possible to stay in front of the museum.
Museums can be reached by car to  their special entrances


Casino Nobile

You can enter into the museum by using a ramp. The first and the second floor of the Museum can be reached by using a lift of standard size

Casino dei Principi

The access to the Archive and The “Biblioteca della Scuola Romana” (level  1 of the building) is possible by using a car showing a permission of accompaniment to reach the entrance.
It is not possible to enter from the libray/archive to reach the exhibition rooms (level 0 and 1).
The access to the Exhibition rooms (level 0) is possible by using a special entrance  and a ramp (west side of the building).
The acces to the exhibition rooms (level 1) is possible by using a lift of standard size.
For the activation of the lift you have to ask to the museum staff.
N.B We inform you that for both the Casino Nobile and the Casino dei Principi there are no guides avalaible for blind peolple

Casina delle Civette

The entrance to the museum is possible  by using a special access (east side of the museum) with a  3 cms. Stair approximately
You can enter to the Exhibition room by using a special entrance from a 5 cm step.
It is possible to reach the level 1 by using a lift of small size with a 76 cm light and 108 cm deep, only for wheel chairs of small dimensions. For the activation of the lift ask the staff
The access to the Giardino delle Civette (level 1) has a direct, paved entrance.
The Braille guide for the blind people has to be asked to the library staff

Additional services

The museum provides 1 wheel chair for people with disabilities: the wheelchair must be asked to the museum staff.

Teatro di Villa Torlonia

A ramp allows the access to the  information office entrance
The first gallery of the theatre is reachable by a lift of standard size
For the activation of the lift ask to the museum staff.

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